Excerpt from Chapter: “Enter Mr. M.”

Published October 31, 2017

Late one Friday afternoon the phone rang. It was the family to
whom we had given our number months earlier. They said the
Romanian attorney would be at their cousins’ home this coming Sunday,
and we were invited. Their cousins’ home was more than a 2-hour drive,
but I promised we would be there.

As we readied ourselves to leave, the skies opened up and rain came
down in sheets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much water coming
down at once. As we drove farther away from our city, which had
clearly paved roads and highways, the roads became much muddier
and flooded. As Barry drove, he repeatedly exclaimed, “I can’t see
where I’m going.” He even suggested we turn back, because it seemed
really unsafe to continue. To me this wasn’t an option. Although my
heart was racing, and I was holding my breath, I would not give in to
my fear.

I insisted, “We have to go! We can’t turn back!”