Excerpt from Chapter: “International Adoption, Here We Come”

Published October 28, 2017

Having had no success in domestic adoption, we moved on to the
international arena. But the world is a big place. Where should
we begin?

As part of completing our home study, we had to attend a series of workshops
on child development. Most of the sessions seemed meaningless.
Still, I particularly remember the session on the teenage years, in which
the instructor emphasized that all children become rebellious at this
time. Particularly when an adopted child reaches this stage, he or she
may say things such as, “You’re not my real mother” or “I don’t want to
live with you anymore.” I restrained myself, but I wanted to scream, I
don’t even have a baby! I don’t know if I am ever going to get one and I have
to sit here worrying about what my potential child will say when he or she is a