Excerpt from Chapter: “Media Planning”

Published October 25, 2017

Still we tried to get a start on the road to domestic adoption. Thanks to legal abortion, few if any social stigmas against single mothers, and a supportive social welfare system, unwed mothers who want to relinquish their babies are very limited. In fact, they are so hard to come by that a bidding war often results for the few babies that are available. The war is conducted by hopeful parents, often with the aid of their highly-priced attorneys, by placing ads for babies around the country. These ads are placed in economically disadvantaged areas, in the hope that there might be some potential mother who cannot support her future offspring. We entered the war with our own media campaign.

Suddenly, I was a media planner, researching publications no one I knew had ever heard of, in places such as Iowa, Arkansas, and towns along the Appalachian Trail. I still had a full-time job, and I was sitting up nights placing two-week ads in one publication, three-week ads in another, and one-week placements in yet others.