Excerpt from Chapter: “The Road to Adoption”

Published October 22, 2017

The road to adoption was another roller coaster. This time the trip
careened through territory filled with unpredictable birth mothers,
social workers, agency bureaucrats, paperwork galore, and constantly
changing government regulations.

The first step in the process of adoption is getting a home study. This is
a report by a social worker who reviews your entire life: family history,
lifestyle, and finances, and then writes a report that gets included in your
adoption dossier. I think that’s the same word they use for a criminal’s
records; often we felt as if we were treated like criminals. If you ever
thought the world was on the way to a paperless society, adoption certainly
is not the place it has started. Every step of the journey must be
accompanied by detailed documentation, and each time you change any
detail of your adoption, there are more forms and more paperwork. It
could take a whole book to detail the extensive load of papers that we
completed. Suffice it to say by the time we were on our way, we had a
four-drawer cabinet filled with the copies of applications, medicals, and
other forms we had to file, often in triplicate.