Excerpt from Chapter: “Not an Ordinary Day”

Published October 16, 2017

I sat stunned, as if I had been hit by a huge boulder; I felt as if I had
been propelled into some distant place, where a wall separated me
from the rest of the world. My breath felt shallow, I couldn’t focus my
eyes as I blinked back tears and my head was in a fog, as if I had experienced
a head injury. But nothing physical had happened; it was the day
the results of my first in vitro fertilization were delivered.

The nurse simply said, “Nothing fertilized.” She continued, “You may be
allergic to each other.”

I could not fathom what she was saying; all I heard was you failed
again…you are never going to have a baby. I was 39. I had called the fertility
clinic, praying silently that our ordeal would be over. After almost
four years of trying to get pregnant, again…nothing.